FairTax 2012

We are the TROOPS for the FairTax Movement. We are the Online foot soldier who makes the FairTax happen. We participate in "FairTax Special Operations and Missions" specifically targeting members of the House and Senate to bring them on board for the FairTax. One co-sponsor at a time.

As the 2016 Presidential Election nears, we will direct more of our efforts toward identifying and electing a Presidential candidate who will use the bully pulpit to advance the FairTax and who will sign the bill when it comes to his desk.
Working together, as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, we can fix America's tax system.

Please keep all posts on topic with The FairTax and tax reform and understand we are a non-partisan group. Posts that violate these rules will be removed as well as members who continue to violate them. Also no campaigning unless it is again FairTax specific