Facebook Puppies and Dogs KY WV IN

This group is for anyone who is looking for,selling,lost and fou...nd or trying to re home any kind of pet. You may also post anything pet related


* Treat other members with respect, do not harrass, or be hateful to anyone in this group for any reason!

* NO animal flippers! NO constant trading of animals or asking for multiple animals here.

* Rescues are welcome, Breeders are welcome !!!!! (NO BACK YARD BREEDERS)

* Do not sell or give away sick animals here. if the animal has a medical condition or illness it should be discussed at that time.

* Do not ask for any animal in this group unless you have every intention on keeping that animal for the rest of it's life, however long that may be! If you recieve an animal as a result of this group, and we find out you gave it away/sold it a week, a month, or a year later you will be deleted, banned, and reported to all other groups.*****(If you are asking for a free animal please keep in mind no animal is FREE.)*****If you can not afford to have a animal taken to a vet then dont ask for one.

* Delete old posts, if you sell/give away your animal or item, delete or ask an admin to do so for you. Delete old pictures and posts if you have found what you are looking for. Bump your post or ask someone to bump it. You may bump once every 12 hours, . If a post isn't bumped within 2 weeks or if you are ignoring comments on your post for more than 48 hours, it will be deleted.

* Be responsible when re homing your pets. Be sure to ask questions, make sure it is a safe and forever home.

* Be sure to add location,price and all details to all of your posts.