FaceBay ~ Gillingham, Kent


ALL adverts must have a pic - please add a description, location and price. If you want offers please state what price region of offers you are after.

Allow 12 hours from 1st persons comments before moving on to the next buyer.

If you have more than 5 items to list, please make an album.

Do not repost the same item unless it has been over a week since you last posted it and it is not viewable in a reasonable scroll down

Do not "bump" or "." your posts to push them back up. Please simply state they are "still for sale" or "reduced".
We can also tell when you delete comments to "bump" them up ;)

Please allow 48 hours before re-commenting on your posts, as detailed in the previous line.
If re-commenting on pictures from an album, only re-comment on 5 a day to prevent multiple pics taken up the wall.

NO pets, fakes, tobacco, alcohol or weapons whatsoever!

No avon, bodyshop parties, Ann Summers parties and the like.

No arguing or rudeness, no sales to cheat and be done via pm. Report let downs to admin.

If you make a post but not return to deal with your potential buyers you will be removed.

Please try to delete your own posts when sold.

Any of the above not being adhered to will result in your post(s) being removed without warning.