Fairholme Estate, Bedfont

The Fairholme Estate:
Fairholme is owned and managed by the Charity of Elizabeth Jane Jones, who was the childless widow of a Fulham pawnbroker,and left her
entire estate of some £ 63000 (in today,s value about 2.5 million) to a
charity to provide houses (dwellings) for the (then) poor and needy.
TheCharity was founded in 1928 and the Governing document was sealed on 15
May 1931. Trustees then started looking for a suitable site and
acquired a Fruit farm (12 acres ) Bedfont. A Mr. T.Cecill Howitt ,then president of RIBA was commissioned to design the estate and a firm of
Gee Walker and Slater carried out the building(s) originally for 80 houses
but this was reduced to 72 to make way for the great hall. The estate
consists of the assembly Hall and 72 houses of various sizes.It has a unique design in that it has an unbroken continuous unbroken roof,which until
2008 was the only building in the WORLD of that design and has a mention in
the Guineas Book of Records
All the 72 houses are now occupied with resident population in excess of one hundred.The Charity was given a variation to its Governing Instrument
by the High Court in April 1959 to let 14 properties at commercial rent,so-called investment properties in order to increase maintenance
It is a Grade II listed building and consequently requires a great deal of funding.The Charity is self-funding and has a board of 9 Trustees
5 of whom are Bedfont residents.In 2010 I was elected as Chair,the first
time a Bedfontian was elected for/of that position in the Charity,s 77 year history.It is truly a wonderful place and residents live in a
pleasant,tranquil environment for which they are thankful.
ALEX BEUMER-Chair Elizabeth Jane Jones Charity.