Hey Farmer Are you looking for a group to join where you can:
• ...* ask for more neighbors
• * find out about missions
• * get answers to questions
• * get game tips from players further along in the game
• * ask for people to dust crops or water trees
• * get help with those pesky Market Orders that always want what you can't make yet Then come along and check out our group.
We are 24x7 group where you will find some admin/s online to help you whenever you need.
We have posts where you can ask for all those things and more,
This Co-Operated Group brings you Neighborly fun and help at its best.
you must have some type of profile pic and speak and understand English to join so we can help one another. This is a no mass gifting and drama free group. so what you waiting for come n join

We look forward to welcoming you soon, happy farming