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Welcome to The Fast Tract Diet (Official Group). Over 100 millio...n people have SIBO-related conditions including IBS, Acid Reflux, LPR, Rosacea, Asthma, Fibromyagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmunity, Leaky Gut and many more. Our goal is to inspire 10 million people to get off drugs and antibiotics based on holistic and dietary solutions. Anyone who shares our vision is welcome to join via the link below. New to the Fast Tract Diet? Check out our free resources:

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Like many health researchers, book sales fund our continued research and educational programs. Examples include a new Fast Tract Diet app due out this fall, clinical studies, free educational talks and lectures and scientific research on the connection between diet and digestive health.

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Disclaimer: This is a discussion group about diet, behaviors and other holistic gut health solutions but cannot take the place of consultations with your own health care provider.

My involvement on this page is focused on the Fast Tract Diet and digestive and general health topics. I am unable to provide specific advice for individual situations. However, individual consultation is available via the Digestive Health Institute.