Field Store Neighborhood Watch

READ & AGREE Before submitting a Request to Join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our goal is to keep our community a safe place for all residents, and to work with our local law enforcement in deterring crime out of our area. ~ As you are aware, anyone can create a FB Page & create any name they want. When we created this group, we realized that even criminals could create a FB profile, & infiltrate our group.

In today's information era, anyone can get information on anyone, if you look hard enough. So, we do this for the protection of our members & that is why it is a CLOSED group.

Therefore, everyone who requests membership, must: 1. Live in North East Waller County, and a far South East down to SH 290. (Some exceptions are allowed) 2. Not have a Felony conviction (within the past 10 years) - NO Exception. 3. Never have been charged and convicted of a Sex Crime - NO Exception.

Each request for membership, (or suggested for membership by current member) will be sent a private message to their Facebook message page that asks for: 1. A current valid address. 2. Year of birth (used for verification purposes). 3. Valid email address

Potential members will have 7 days to provide this information. If after 7 days, there has been no reply to the request for information, the request for membership will be removed and you will have to ask to join again.

We independently research requests by utilizing all resources we have available. {Be assured, your "PERSONAL" information will NEVER be posted publicly or shared with anyone (with the exception of law enforcement if required to do).

We are here to get to know one another and to help prevent and deter crime in our area. That being said, any political topics be left for private conversations or on their own pages.

We don't wish to impede on anyone's 1st amendment right to free speech, as we endorse our own rights also. There are forums for political issues, depending on the topic.

We don't care if you're black, white, hispanic, democrat, republican or something in between. Our hope for this group is that we can find common ground in helping deter and spot crime in our community. We look forward to shaking each and everyone's hands ... and soon!
By accepting membership, you agree completely with the Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This Web Site page is being provided as a service to citizens in Field Store and North East Waller County. The information contained on the site is for personal use ONLY. Any commercial use is completely prohibited.

The Admins and members and any third party that may post here, are protected by the "The Texas Citizens Participation Act". Any comments good, bad or indifferent are covered by SECTION 2. Subtitle B, Title 2, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, CHAPTER 27.