"PLEASE READ THIS POST IN FULL and agree to the terms before posting."
This Group is for the Sale / Swap or Wanted of shotguns / firearms/ hunting related items and general chat about Fieldsports related issues.This can include vehicles and other accessories including dogs that can be used for shooting and
pest control.
(Please keep it legal in UK law) and please keep a civil tongue without been slanderous, abusive or foul mouthed.
Only post questions asking about any firearms if you have the legal certificates for the correct firearms or shotguns if you intend to sell them or buy them.
"If any person attempts to buy a firearm or shotgun without the legal certification please inform the police and report the person first and then inform me or a member of admin and we will remove them from this forum.”
When advertising knives can we please adhere to the laws regarding the sales of and possession of edged weapons. Any posts that Admin deem unsuitable for posting will be removed. This will help to protect the group and the seller and the buyer. All decisions to remove are final.
Please don't ask, "How much is this worth" when your selling . You know how much you want for the item. (This forum is not for valuations) It is OK to ask for ONO around the price you have in mind, but a starting price must be in the ad. Not just offers as this leads to far too many questions....
Also state as much info as possible about the item and PRICE AND LOCATION is essential and detailed photos is preferred to show people what they are getting, or your post may be deleted. ( This also includes any trade ad )
DO NOT post screen shots or images that can not clearly be viewed in your initial post, take the time to post properly please or we will delete your post.
Non-shotgun/firearm/hunting related posts post will be deleted unless you require a direct swap for fieldsport related items.
No persistent advertising to any other forum or group on every post you make. I suggest you do any transaction "Face to Face" and make sure you are happy with the deal you are doing before dealing or handing over any cash or parting with any goods.
( Remember if using pay pal for transactions they do not cover you for loss of funds if it is a firearms, gun or air gun related purchase or sale. )
I suggest you keep all posts public and not via PM / Message so other members can comment and assist with dealings if need be, the only time you need to message is to exchange address and telephone numbers.
Members MUST be over 16 years old to join, underage members or suspected underage members will be removed sorry.
If we look at your timeline and it is hidden or you look under 18 at a glance or if we think your not at all into serious Fieldsport's activities we will ignore or block your request, I hope these group joining rules does not offend you but once again. Only Join this group if you agree to these rules and you fit the required
Admin team decisions are final.