First File

Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled
We live only to serve. Our lives are yours.

RESPECT-This goes without saying. Bullying, name-calling in a manner meant to degrade and inflame, and slandering people in public is just not nice. Don’t do it. Take it to PM. Debating is healthy. No need to get personal.

POLITICS/RELIGION-The nature of the books is that some is to be expected. Don’t be disrespectful. If you can’t state your opinion without getting personally offended by someone else’s, just don’t comment. Skip the post. Simple.

INAPPROPRIATE POSTS-If you can’t post it per Facebook, you can’t post it here. Pornography and illicit activities don’t belong here. Innuendos, suggestive pictures are going to pop up. Just use common sense here; you might be offending some people.

DO NOT POST WITH THE SOLE INTENT OF UPSETTING PEOPLE- IF you want to leave a criticism, consider your post and word it constructively. Please use the appropriate avenues to air your concerns. Criticisms are constructive; blatant and continued bashing of TG and staff are not. In an effort to meet CE owners halfway you can post your questions and communication. If the thread degrades, it is not constructive, and will be deleted. Use the document created to find news and random updates posted unofficially. Please feel free to update the CE document with news! The First File is not in control of, associated with, or an official source of information. For official information, please contact There are also members of the First File who can be very helpful with information if you tag them
ILLEGAL METHODS/COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS- Don’t post about how you can “download Stone of Tears for free!”. It’s illegal. You’re stealing, plain and simple. All posts such as this will be removed with no explanation.

SPAMMING- Just don’t. Spam will be removed/members contacted. No need to elaborate.

If you have an issue, pm a mod. Every effort will be made to resolve it and take action in a discreet manner. First-An admin will contact you if you’re violating a guideline. Second-If you insist. If you've been asked respectfully to stop whatever it is you’re doing, show the same respect for others. Last resort- Removal. If you’re removed, there was probably a good reason. Chat with the admins and let us know your grievance. Admins will do their best to understand, and remain neutral. If the issue is with another admin, that’s okay, too. We’re all human. Last, in the event of contests hosted solely for the First File, no new members will be added until the contests are completed. Situations will occur from time to time that these guidelines won’t cover. It’s a learning experience for everybody. Be patient with each other, and your admins. Thank each and every one of you for bringing something unique….Be excellent to each other!