This group FIJI CARS has been formed with the purpose of bringing the car public together. Car public for this purpose includes persons with interest to anything automotive inclusive of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trikes and even the trusty wheel barrow with a 1000Hp at the legs. Though members are allowed to post and blog on performance modifications and motorsports emphasis is placed on safe motoring and awareness on road safety. Discussions are open for topics relating to car reviews, performance modifications, lighthearted jokes and or any post deemed relevant in the view of admins.

Members are reminded to show respect to other members individual opinions.

Posts which may compromise the safety of members,which are made to challenge other members, which are offensive, those made in bad faith and any comment which in the view of the admins are distasteful will be deleted. Admins have the authority to make or vary rules deemed fit and proper in the given circumstances.

Members making such posts will be warned once, after which they will be blocked from the page if subsequent infringing posts are made.

Members are encouraged to have gatherings under the FIJI CARS banner, but if such gatherings are to be organised from the FIJI CARS page prior notice 7days in advance has to be given and matters such as the public emergency regulations looked at and addressed. Any persons willing to have gatherings under the FIJI CARS banner are requested to contact admins and provide relevant details of safety steps taken to have such a gathering.

If you are posting a "for sale" ad on FIJI CARS, here are the guidelines/requirements:

1- Price must be ($100 negotiable/minimum reserve price $100/ accepting offers over $100)
2- Location of item for sale
3- Contact information (PM or phone #)
4- Photo of the item you are selling
5- Re-post of the same item can be done after 7 days.
6- You are allowed to "bump" your post to the top of the page but please do not abuse this.
7- Sellers of aftermarket performance parts must specify if the item/s are any one of - Genuine, Replica or Unknown Origin. All sale transactions are solely between the seller and buyer.
8- Any post not meeting the guidelines, or otherwise deemed by the Administrators to be inappropriate and/or against the spirit of this group, will be removed. The member may repost after ensuring compliance.

For clarification on any matters related to the group, please do not hesitate to contact the admins.

Enjoy being a member of the group.....

Please note: Designated Printers of our stickers are:
West: Creative Signs, ProDesigns
Central: Active Signs/ Systems Technology.