Suomi DNA-projekti / Finland DNA Project / Finland DNA-projektet

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Ryhmässä kunnioitetaan yksityisyyttä, copy right-oikeuksia sekä noudatetaan Suomen sukututkimusseuran käytännesääntöjä, jotka löytyvät osoitteesta.

In this group privacy and copy rightrs are respected and the Code of Conduct of the Genealogical Society of Finland is followed.


This is a group for members of or those interested in the Finland DNA Project. Our project seeks to help Finns and others who have Finnish ancestors (a) find DNA matches that may lead to confirmations and discoveries of shared ancestors and (b) learn more about their deep ancestral origins. The Finland DNA Project compiles mtDNA and Y-DNA test results and those results are published and mapped on our website at the family Tree DNA Project pages.

Here are some guidelines for joining the group and commenting on our group wall.
* Respect others
* Respect privacy
* Stay on-topic
* No spamming
* No religion, politics, racism, harrashment etc
* No inappropriate or offensive language or behaviour
* No harrashment or personal or group attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group).
* No trolling or flaming (posting comments intended to induce an angry response)
We may remove any URL or post for any reason.

NOTE: No fake FB members accepted.

Project admins: Laura M Hayden, Marja Pirttivaara

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