Please only bump for sale/swap/wanted posts/ ONCE every 24hrs. Anyone repeatedly doing this will have their posts/photos deleted.ONLY FISH AND FISH GOODS ONLY NO Turtles

DO NOT POST LINKS TO OTHER GROUPS - we used to allow this if you pm'd admin first however the amount of people posting their group links without politely asking first is now taking up too much group space and admin ti
me deleting these so please do not post group links as these will be DELETED and repeat offenders will be banned.

Please only post your photos ONCE- please use the spy glass search at the top right hand corner to search for your preious posts/photos or click on the photo tab.

Please also put your photos into a folder when uploading more than 1 photo at a time. We will have to delete any duplicate photos posted as they will start to clogg up the group.

Only sell items that belong to yourself. Do not sell on behalf of non-members. Please ask any non-members who are looking to sell items to join the group.

Please state a price and location on items for sale - if you want offers then please list it on ebay and not here.

This group is not for making profit on items you have bought on this group or elsewhere for less. Any fish sold for profit will ONLY be accepted from LICENSED breeders or retailers.

If you can't find your photo please click on the PHOTOS tab at the top of the page or if you still can’t find it please click on the spy glass on the top right hand side of the page and type in your name and all your posts should come up.

This group & Admin are not to be held responsible for the sale or trade of items or fish, etc, as the agreement should be between the two (or more) individuals through a verbal "contract".

Please respect others when agreeing to buying/selling/swapping a FISH, if a timing change occurs please contact the other member as soon as possible – it is much easier to take a note of each other’s mobile numbers and call/text if there is a delay or change in time to meet.

Please do not post spam, verbal abuse or any other content that could be discriminating or abusive towards any of our members. If this occurs, the individual(s) will be removed.

Do not post photographs which are not your own and claim them to be your own. They will be removed.