Florida Small Business Shop

We are all local small businesses such as Avon,Scentsy,Pampered Chef,Jewelry in Candles and many others so take a look go to our websites and lets go shopping.

1. No ZNZ or instant rewards or any other business that involves recruiting so you get payed.

2.If we already have a rep that has your business im sorry but this page is set up so reps dont have to compete for business. There are exceptions for cakes and photographers just please message me. The pinned post clearly states one rep per business.

3. Please if you are new message me before you post i write down all your businesses so i can keep track so if you post and have not messaged me it wont get approved.

4. This is NOT a yard sale page or a swap shop.

5. Please post at least once a week or i will have to find a rep that will.

Admins are Louise Gibbs and Heather Schwerin contact us if you have any trouble. But please remember we arent always on facebook so if we dont get right to you please be patient we both have families and lives just like all of you. Thanks