For Sale/Free Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Texas

Guidelines: Please read before posting! Items for Sale or for Free in the Mansfield & Grand Prairie, Texas area. Add your friends ~ It will make the Quality of the so much better!!

1. PRICES so it's upfront and everyone is not having to ask and maybe lose their position: even if Custom-Made (most of these sites do not allow ordering of any kind).
2. LOCATION to get the right people interested.
3. SIZES/DIMENSIONS of your items so everyone isn't having to ask and maybe lose their position.
4. CROSS POSTED if your item is listed on other sites to avoid confusion on the Final Sale.

** IMPORTANT ~ PRICES and LOCATION need to be on every POST if selling a Product or if a Service is offered! If its a business then give an example Estimate of your charges so your customers have a head's up on what you charge.

Please keep your posts/bumps limited to 6 different posts/bumps per day so others can get their items seen and since this is a very large group. If you have more items you need to create albums for your "6 posts or bumps with up to 3 pictures of each item".

Conflicts happen if someone is having to ask about Seller's item and another states "WANT" on that item. If you do have questions about an item please comment "Want with Question". EXCEPTION: This seems to happen too often so I have created an Exception to this Rule! If someone is having to ask about an item because the Seller did Not Post the description or price or has an item posted in Question ~ Please give the first person the *COURTESY* to buy first. It sometimes feels like someone stepped in front of you in a line if this is done but we usually leave up to the Seller to make the call. Seller has the right to refuse low offers and to accept the first one to offer the amount originally posted.

Important! Please please go back & delete your posts when you have Sold your items! This helps with people wanting items that are no longer available because it is still posted!

No. Phone Numbers on Posts if its an item to be Sold! We work in Order of Wants to be fair. Businesses offering. a service can include numbers because its a Service Offered.
Pets without a Re-Homing Fee
Donation requests in member's posts
Bumping same post more than once daily
High-jacking other members posts to sell your items
Promoting Memberships/Multi Level Offers
Online Store Pictures (need the original picture of the condition of your item displayed)
Illegal items
Weapons/Ammo of any kind
Diet Products because of Pricing

Thank You to All who follow the rules to keep this site running Smoothly and Have Fun!!

~ Admins