For Sale In The Woodlands - Business Edition

Welcome local crafters, consultants, home-based businesses and other small businesses that serve residents of The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas! You are encouraged to join this group and post on this site in order to promote your businesses. For now, the group will remain "open" to help you get as much exposure as possible. As the group grows, we may consider other options. We expect every member to act in a professional and ethical manner. Remember that first impressions count. If necessary, we will impose rules as we go. Although this is an open group, members who wish to post, will have to join the group and become members. Only legitimate businesses will be allowed to join. Absolutely no spammers or scammers. We reserve the right to remove, block and ban anyone from the group.

The administrators of this group are providing this as a resource. This is not intended as an endorsement of any of the businesses or products on this page. Everyone is encouraged to exercise caution and due diligence before proceeding with a business transaction.

Non-business posts are NOT allowed on this site. To post personal items you wish to sell locally, please join our sister site, For Sale in The Woodlands:

Here are a few simple rules to help keep us professional and keep harmony on this site:

Do not "hijack" another person's post. This means you should not interfere with another member's post. This includes not offering your products or services on a competitor's post.

No reposting of the same post/ad. If you have to post a "new/updated" ad, please delete your old ad. Having more than one business post/ad on the site is grounds for having them all removed. Continued violation will result in your removal from the group.

ISO ("In Search Of") posts or posts asking for recommendations pertaining to a business or service is allowed and encouraged on this site. For example, ISO of local consultant, or recommendations for a local contractor, doctor, daycare, etc... As long as they relate to a business of some sort, they are allowed.

Businesses or posts offering adult material.
Businesses or posts offering pets of any kind.
Businesses or posts offering weapons.
Non-business posts.

Thank you for your cooperation!