Ford Fusion Club

Dedicated to enthusiasts of the Ford Fusion/(new)Mondeo, Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ (Zephyr). This is the official Facebook group for the FMVperformance Automotive Communities site

There are three rules to this club:

Rule 1: Be civil. No personal insults, no bullying, no douchebaggery. I won’t stop people saying a mod is ugly/stupid/whatever, just don’t over do it and be a dick about it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that includes posters and commenters so feel free to say it. Posters, this applies to you as well. If you can’t handle criticism, you probably shouldn't post things on the internet.

Rule 2: Pictures/videos of the vehicles dash/speedo/anything while the car is in motion (without the use of a PASSENGER side mount (so its out of the way of the driver) will not be allowed. This also applies to pictures/videos/posting of street racing, excessive speeding on public roads, and general douchebaggery/dangerous driving on public roads. If you want to drive like they do in the movies, there are thousands of tracks spread all across the country, go let it all out on the track and feel free to record it (WITH A MOUNTED CAMERA) and show us your racing skills (ON A TRACK). I have made slight exceptions to this rule, but please if its borderline, PM me or any of the pages moderators and we can let you know if its ok or not. This rule is only here to keep you all safe. No one wants to see a fellow car guy get injured or killed to try and take a stupid photo to put on the internet.

Rule 3: Drive safe, and most importantly have fun!