Formosan Dog Owners (Taiwan dogs)

Welcome to the Formosan Mountain Dog Page!

This is a group for those who own Formosan Mountain Dogs (FMD) or ANY dogs rescued and adopted from Taiwan. (99.9% of all dogs here are FMD mixes anyway!) This is a page created to allow FMD owners a haven to the quirky, crazy, sometime frustrating, all-the-time loving world of owning (or being owned by) FMDs.

The spirit of this community is to offer FMD owner support. A forum where owners can ask questions, provide guidance, and share information related to the well being of FMDs. Information shared or exchanged can differ. Posts that are disrespectful or offensive will not be tolerated.

If you are a new owner of an FMD – please check out the FILES tab for tips & tricks on what to expect when training your FMD.

If you would like to BRAG about your FMD - add a SINGLE pix to our Look Book album!

This page is not intended to be a platform for advertising, politics, or rescue postings. Any postings of such nature will be removed.
If you are looking for assistance in finding homes for FMDs, please work directly with rescues who are familiar with FMDs. A sampling of the list can be found in the Files tab.

Membership to this page means you have read and agree to the terms. The membership will be closed to those who violate the spirit of the community. If a removed member is suspected to have returned as another user or utilizing another account to post that user will also be removed.

The events that are held for the group primarily take place in Washington (unless otherwise stated). If you are an owner from another state, please contact Leah and she can help you arrange a meet up through this group.