"FREE-CYCLE" for DeKalb/Sycamore Area

Free-Cycle is a great way to help out others in our community & also an effective way to keep good, usable items out of the landfill. To help this group run as smooth as possible, we ask that you follow these rules. If the rules are not followed, you risk being permanently removed from the group.

1. Everything must be free. Trading is acceptable. Any post asking for money will be removed. If you have an item someone is asking for, you can send them a private message (PM), and offer the item at cost.

2. Services (other than free) are not allowed. This includes in search of (ISO) job request and business listings. ISO Jobs - please see the jobs postings file.

3. Animals of any kind are not allowed to be posted on this site. There are other sites that aide in re-homing. You are however allowed to post about lost or found animals.

4. You do not have to live in DeKalb or Sycamore to be a part of this group, but you must be willing to travel to this area.

5. When an item is no longer available, or needed, delete your post, or ask one of the admins to help.

6. When you are interested in an item, you must comment on the post first and then message the person. This avoids confusion & hurt feelings. The first person to comment that they are interested in the item has first pick of that item. If they pass or do not respond within 24 hours the giver can then move on to the next person in line.

7. If you are unable to meet for pick up, for any reason, you must let the other person know ahead of time. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, alert the person as soon as possible. Please be sure to have all pick up information (i.e. address or meet up point, phone number etc) before you leave for pickup.

8. You may bump your item once per day. Bumping an item brings it to the top of the page for everyone to see. You can do so by commenting in the comment section. Some people choose to type “bump”, others use “…”, how you bump that item is up to you.

9.If you’re found selling items you received from Free-Cycle, you will be permanently banned from our group and reported to the administrators of other groups. This includes scrapping & repurposing items.

10. For the safety and privacy of minors, members must be 18 years of age or older. If it's found that you are under the age of 18, you will be removed and blocked from the group.

Page clean up will begin at the end of each month. Items over a month old that have not been bumped or commented on will be deleted. This includes photos.

We ask that you try and resolve any issues you’re having between the two parties. However if you continue having issues please contact one of the administrators, Joy Judge, Kari Harold or Kristy Samuelson.

Thank you for your generosity and support!