Free Furry Art [Read the Rules Please]


-Be smart in what you post. This isn’t your personal page to post on, please keep it to your own personal page. Also, do not post irrelevant stuff into the group!

-The purpose of this group is to offer free art so please do not post anything commission related. This only becomes an exception when you offer free artwork, but you are closed and people still want art, you can then briefly state you offer commissions.

-With our recent changes, adoptables are no longer accepted in this group. We made a group just for that. So if you have any sonas you want to give away for free, please post here

- Read over what you type before hitting “enter”. One mistake can be taken the wrong way and may lead to conflict, Misunderstanding can happen.

-NEVER TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS If you notice an issue or drama in a post, Contact an admin immediately! Message us and report the post to get our attention! NEVER handle stuff on your own. Bias can easily jump in and it will just result in the drama becoming more severe!

- Credit all the artwork you post in the group, even if it is your own work. This is a well-known and reoccurring issue; people not crediting lineart, free bases, etc. When you post a lineart, reference sheet, any kind of artwork, credit the artist or link it back to where you found it! Having credit on the artwork itself is not good enough! It must be in the post as well! This will make things so much easier for us admins so we do not have to be chasing your tail in order for you to credit artwork that you post in the group.

-NO STEALING ARTWORK! Tracing, heavily referencing, using someone else’s fursona, anything that is not credited are all forms of art theft. Alot of names pop up in the AAT group about them stealing artwork because they copy a pre-existing artwork without permission from the artist, then claim it to be theirs or just not crediting artwork. If you suspect someone is committing art theft, contact an admin immediately.

-We are a group that doesn't support porn, being we have minors here. If there are artists that are offering NSFW, keep it in PM. Anything that is over PG-13, keep it out of the group for the sake of minors possibly seeing it.

-Refrain from swearing inside the group. You may find it as a joke, but others may find it offensive.

-Blocking an admin will result in a ban.

-Do not spam the page with art requests.

-Bumping posts is limited to once every 24 hours. If you overuse the bumping method, you will be warned. If you continue, you will get removed from the group.

-Everyone should be getting along. Failure to do so will result in a ban.

Admin list here.

Creator: Dawn Ann Marie

Head Admin: Silvah Rush (Sam Jenkins)

Senior Admins: John Paschel, Jonah Howl Wolfeh, Casey Gartner

Admins: Ronnie Zombiekitteh Tuck Allan Cross

Trial Admins: Aaron Holland, Lyssa Maye Bass, Steven Stark, Siannie Griggs, Abbey Kat, Raevyn Bain.