Free Hairbows Group

This is a spin off group from the Yahoo group Free Hairbows - where we share, teach, and learn how to make bows and hair accessories (among other things). In this group you are allowed to ask for help and reply to posts, we have games and contests from time to time, we share and show off our projects, and support one another's work. We have a spam/destash day (Wednesdays) ... and there is a document where you can post your business info (if you choose to). We still want to keep all info free (when possible) - this includes tutorials, how to's, etc,. DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP TO POST ADS ABOUT SHOES, SUNGLASSES, WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS, OR ANY OTHER ITEMS.

This is NOT a group to receive free items, nor is it a destash group. .

We only have 3 "rules"....

NO DRAMA EVER!!!! First time you cause drama you will be DELETED and BANNED.
Destash/Spam is only allowed on Wednesdays (except for owner and admins). Please see Destash/ Spam rules under files.
No posting links to other Facebook groups, giveaways, promotions (without permission from an Admin). This is considered Spam. Outside/Website links are allowed if you're sharing a sale or responding to someone's question.