For anyone interested in helping to create a Libya we can all be proud of.

We are here to discuss the socioeconomic and political issues Libya currently faces, come up with creative ways to help our families in Libya, and learn about Libyan history and culture.

please remember THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL GROUP! Libya is so behind the rest of the world that we can't afford to be uninformed and lazy.

-Please keep your personal status updates confined to your own private pages.

-Please WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! If you can't debate a topic without personally attacking and insulting people's (ie calling them an "idiot") then refrain from debating.

-Please try to stick to relevant political, historical, and cultural topics. Just because it's Ramadan does not mean the news stops. If the mountain of issues we face in Libya are not enough for you there's Syria, Egypt, Palestine, and countless other issues in the Muslim World to discuss.

-Please don't criticize and complain for the sake of complaining. OFFER SOLUTIONS! Challenge us to think!

Thank you for your cooperation.