Welcome to The Official Unofficial Facebook Nerdfighter Group-In...stead-of-a-Page Thing! Please read this description before diving straight in, have a look at the linked files if you would like more clarification, and feel free to message an admin with any remaining questions and concerns.

Our goal is to decrease world-suck and be awesome. All are welcomed here, new or old Nerdfighters alike. But try to mind what you post, as threads that get reported may result in not only a deletion of the post, but a strike for the user. And in most cases, members with three strikes will receive a ban from the group.

Diversity of content is welcomed and essential really, but there is a place for everything and there are things that would better fit your personal facebook wall, a smaller sub-group of nerdfighteria, or twitter and instagram for that matter. So, in order to ensure this remains a group about Nerdfighteria and not an aimless facebook spam-filled one, we will monitor the content and occasionally remove some of it. But we will always message you explaining why it was done.

There, you will find a lot of helpful things, you should know of. Such as:

Our Group Rules aka The Code Of Awesome ->

Nerdfighteria: The phenomenon- a beginner's guide to everything nerdfighteria

Nerdifgteria: The group- a summary of our little home away from home

A list of Nerdighteria divisions and related sub-groups ->

& All social media accounts! Nerdfighteria terminology! Crisis hotlines. Lists of nerdfighter countries, birthdays, books suggestions, Harry Potter houses etc. Note the opening lines of the documents, remember you can add yourself in. If you can't on mobile, please wait until you get to a laptop. And please refrain from identical posts, asking for account exchanges!

Don't fear contacting an admin with any issues.
But better read the CoA in order to avoid issues in the first place.

Admin list is to be found under the "Members" section, upon clicking on 'Show Admins', instead of 'All Members'. They are also listed in the Code of Awesome. Note that due to difference in time zones, the admin you have contacted may not always be available, so have patience, or if the matter is urgent - contact another one until you get a response.

DFTBA! (Don't Forget To Be Awesome)