Friendbomb American Samoa

Welcome to your local state friendbomb group. This group was created to get to know your local awakened people and to share local news and events. Please help us by sharing as many local news stories, memes and events as you can to this group and help us organize local events. If you have an idea for a national unity synchronized event, please pass your ideas around for that too. An admin can pass the idea to other state admins.

Topics include but are not limited to: Humanity, Anonymity, Science, Enlightenment, Love, Peace, Unity, Acceptance, Tolerance, Revolution, Environmental, Government, etc. Posts, ideas and informative material are warmly welcomed. Feel free to invite anyone in the state whom you think would be interested.

Welcome to the friendbomb news network (FNN)! It's Time for CHANGE!
And finally, one facebook group, much like this one, to share the most important news in your area to the rest of the country and to connect all members together:

This is the Common Ground we stand united on:
1. No more wars of aggression.
2. No more militarized police force or the surveillance state that comes with it.
3. No more corrupt political/financial system.
4. No attacking another person or group based on differences.
5. Achieve your goals using non-violent tactics.
Find the Common Ground and work together for a better tomorrow!