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Furious PC Gami...ng Rigs is a group where you can show off your Rig's/Mods, tech and gaming peripherals. It doesn't really matter as long its something you can share and we can talk about in the tech world!
Of course please show off your "Man/Girl Caves" via videos (Youtube) and pictures!
So I hope you guys & girls enjoy the ride and share interesting stuff on
Furious PC Gaming Rigs.
(Feel free to invite as many friends as you like to the group)

Group Rules:

1. If a member (new or old) makes a post in this page asking for help, please direct them to the correct page: "https://www.facebook.com/groups/fpcgsupport/". And ask that they delete their post once reported correctly.

2. Furious PC Gaming is 100% against Piracy. Piracy is Illegal and any sites, forums or FB Pages promoting it are subject to closure. There for any posts will be removed and the member banned. This includes ANYONE encouraging the post.

3. It is the responsibility of ALL members of the community to report posts as needed. this is to insure our beloved page stay clean, inoffensive and respectful. SPAM, PORN, Abusive or Violent posts will be removed and a permaban issued.

4. It is the responsibility of all Furious members to comport themselves in a respectful and considerate manner. Abuse of others will NOT be tolerated. Refrain from posting unnecessary comparisons such as Intel Or AMD as this will start unnecessary conflict. (Trolling is acceptable and encouraged as long as it is not offensive, Please do not take it seriously guys. It's just a bit of fun).

5. Sharing other groups or pages require approval by an admin. Approving Admin is required to make a comment with his/her approval. If not the post will be removed.

6. If you have a link for a Modding Store. website/sales,
please post a trustpilot.com link about the site in the same post. Referral links are not allowed.
ANYONE that wishes to have their link added to our pages must seek approval by Mikkel Wipspeed Olsen, and ONLY HIM.

Simple rules really, please use common sense and remember to treat others with the respect you would like to be treated with.
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Furious PC Gaming. was founded back in 2011. by Mikkel Olsen aka "Wipspeed"