Good Ideas Vs Bad Ideas: Against The Regressive Left, Islamists & Racists
Regressive Left: a term coined by Maa...jid Nawaz, to describe what he views as fraudulent, radical Muslim-coddling liberals that are so obsessed with being P.C. they accept the most reactionary forms of religious extremism from minority religions, namely Islam. However since its first use the term has been co-opted as a general term for all kinds of "regressive leftists"
The main thing making them regressive is their desire to enact curbs and limits on free speech and expression: some common characteristics Include:
• They redefine terms such as racism and sexism, so that people aren't allowed to call out bigotry if it's committed by a member of a group that isn't considered 'privileged'.
• They believe that white men should collectively feel guilty for discriminating against women and racial minorities, even if you never participated in this discrimination.
• They don't judge people as individuals, and instead judge people by their gender and skin colour.
• They discount the opinions of members of 'privileged' groups.
• They play identity politics. They're more concerned with having women and minorities represented in politics than they are with having the most qualified people given the job.
• They don't believe in a meritocracy. Instead of colleges accepting the most qualified students, they believe these institutions should be forced to fulfil a certain quota.
• They use accusations of bigotry to silence people who disagree with them, even when that person shows no signs of being a bigot.
• They support censorship in government and on college campuses. They're not open to conflicting opinions, and are known to oppose the rights of controversial figures to speak at universities.
• They justify immoral behaviour by claiming that it's okay to behave unethically if you're doing it for a good cause.
• They have a victim complex. They seem to be in this perpetual competition to prove that they're more oppressed than anyone else.
• They consider any criticism of Islam to be Islamophobia. They're also willing to criticize Christians for being sexist and homophobic, but unwilling to do the same to Muslims.
In the wild these animals have many names inc...Intersectional Feminists – The PC Police –Fat Pride Activists – Social Justice Warriors – Black lives Matter – The Regressives – SJW’s – Cry Bullies - Outragists

Their tactics and behaviours are incongruous with the ideals that are necessary for a functional free and secular, liberal democratic society

Regressive tend to use subjective experience and emotional arguments (FEELS) Vs (REALS) objective reasoning with logic and facts