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>>Courtesy of Alex Nieves and for all those looking for how to make money on a daily basis in Los Santos, read this guide:
As far as making money, you can make between 90,000 to 120,000 in about an hour if you do the following:
1. Complete your daily objectives
2. Sell a car to Simeon (especially if your list includes either the Benefactor Shafter, Benefactor Serrano, Dundreary Landstalker, Ocelot Jackal or Ocelot F620).
3. Sell a custom gang car to the LS Custom Shop (Peyote or Tornado are the higher paying cars)
4. Do a mission with at least 3 other people and stall it for at least 15 minutes (you'll get the max payout).
If you calculate the list I made, you can make:
1. 25,000 + the amount made on every objective
2. 10,000 - 12,000
3. 12,960 or 12,575, depending on the car.
4. 29,720 for the mission (I used Trash Talk as an example).
Total = 79,680 (this amount does not include the extras that you get in the daily objectives nor includes the extra stuff that appears in Freemode, like bounties, Simeon's car request, gang attacks, store robbing or purple marks).<<