Gainesville Georgia YardSale

This is made for people around Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Cleveland, Dahlonega, Murrayville, Clarkesville, Toccoa, Baldwin, Cumming, and Dawsonville Georgia.Also you can donate any items for people in need.
If you do not at least live in the state of Georgia I am not going to add you to this Group concidering the other people who are selling and giving away items live in the state of Georgia. I do not expect them to travel out of state to sell or give their items to someone not in the state of Georgia. Also please have consideration for others if you say your going to be somewhere at a certain time then be there. If you have to cancel give enough notice to reschedule or tell them you changed your mind. Their are other people who might need or want their item they are selling. If you have a problem with these rules then find another place to post your items. I do not think its to much to ask for some consideration for others.
Please no Work from Home or Weight Loss Advertisments. If I see it more then 3 times I will consider it spam and will kick you off the site.
Thanks! Administrators