Gambia is Nice...because??

A group where people share the many reasons they love Gambia. Just have fun and socialize with people who love this GREAT COUNTRY as much as you do. Land of good people and smiling people. This is the facebook page for everyone who loves Gambia.

Note: We don't debate about Politics and Religion here.

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Guidelines on posting and commenting.

1) For all members (Especially those new to posting on Gambia is nice..because?? Please read.

2) No post/comment to defile someone else's image.

3) Let's try to make post that are educating, Fun, inspiring and helping others.

4) No foul/ No harm or discriminatory languages or Words
" No foul/ no harm what it means is if an action does not cause harm, then it
can be forgiven.

5) non nude pictures is allow on this page.

6) Ps: All pictures should be ONLY about The Gambia.

7) Members posting such language may expect a warning which will be followed by suspension.

8) Before posting something you have no idea about, do some research.

9) Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users.

10) Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance.

11) Users abusing these rules will be warned. #

Gambia is nice....Because?? It´s the oneness that keep us strong.