Garden Land, Barbados

I sent a few Facebook friends a link about the Garden Land Upgrade Project that was slated to begin at the end of August 2010. The email spawned some interesting discussions. The topic outgrew the constant emails, hence the Garden Land Page.

This Facebook Group is all about a childhood place that was quite literally Heaven on Earth for the many boys and girls. We enjoyed the closest friendships that still stands, and most of all we grew up doing what kids do, having fun. I am not boasting that our little spot was the only place in Barbados one could have had fun as kids, but it was pretty darn close to it.

And if you are wondering where this mystery place is called, well it is none other than the Garden Land. The Garden Land was a very close community, I am not sure if it still is. But if you are an Old Timer from the Garden Land or you were recently transplanted, this is the page to reminisce or just shoot the breeze.

I consider the Garden Land to in and around the following areas. You are more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

Country Road
Tamarind Road (Lane)
Laundry Road
Fordes Gap (Road)
Skette Road
Pavilion Road
Perry Gap

Location: Barbados, West Indies

Keith H. Clarke