Geelong buy swap, swap and sell

This is a group for Geelong and Close Surrounding Areas.
BUY, SE...LL, SWAP OR REQUEST ALMOST ANYTHING! Please follow the rules though! There are only a few, so read them and don't break them.

1. LOCATION and PRICE must be stated! This is the most important rule.

2. Harassment and swearing is not acceptable. This is a friendly group and there may be children here. Please be respectful.

3. Each person may only have 3 photos active at one time. If you have more, they will all be removed and I will inbox you asking you to please put them into an album. If you don't know how to do this, ask me!

4. Please do not bump your post too much. More often than 8 hours is not necessary! Give everyone a chance please.

5. If you have joined this group to do anything other than buy, sell, swap or request items from Geelong and close surrounding areas, then you will be, without a doubt; permanently banned.

6. No animals are to be sold or given away. This includes pigs for spit, chickens for egg laying and pet mince. Geelong Animal Welfare Society takes in all animals and gives them good homes and shelter, and if people want pets they can get them directly from this trusted sanctuary for animals. Any posts that encourage or promote the harm or endangerment of a living being will be removed from the group. Will allow lost pet posts.

Any other 'rules' are just common curtesy, manners and common sense. No weapons, no rudeness, no weight-loss pill scams or garbage. Play nice.

Thank you! Have fun and invite your friends. Following the rules consistently will result in your posts being pinned and bumped by admins.