Genealogy in Poland


This is a place for family researchers who are passionate about tracing their family roots and looking for living relatives. We are a group of highly motivated individuals willing to share their experience, advice and some assistance in our hobby. We view genealogy as a lifelong hobby, so our goal is to build a sense of community, encourage networking, and promote long-term camaraderie among researchers.

We focus on genealogy of the territory of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as it evolved into modern Poland. This territory was subject to many border changes throughout the last centuries. Today it is covered by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. If in your research, you encounter such expressions as Austrian Poland, German Poland, Russian Poland, Galicia, Wolhynia, Podole, Małopolska, Silesia (Upper or Lower), Wielkopolska, Pommern, Gdańsk or Danzig, Kashubia, Masovia, Prussia (West or East), Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Inflanty, Corona Regni Poloniae, or Podlasie, then this community is the perfect place for you to give and receive research assistance.

Many ethnic and religious groups made this area fascinating. There were Germans, Russyns (today Ukrainians and Belorussians), Slovaks, Czech, and Dutch who found their place here seeking a better life. There were Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant Christians, as well as a large Jewish community, but also Muslims, Mennonites and other denominations.


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