Free Genuine Traffic Exchange Group

Free Genuine Traffic Exchange is Closed Group. Only member can & respond to post. We should maintain this group as closed and confidential so that no one other than us know about the latest tricks & hack about any type of free information like genuine traffic to website, blogs, facebook likes, votes, share, friends and more important google adsense or other advertisement click,etc.

Every Member Should Follow This Rules to be active member.

1. We accept post only from our closed group members.

2. We never ask for personal information of each other.

3. Only appropriate content will be posted here.

4. Never ask to sell any idea at any cost, Every information should be free of any direct cost. You can ask for favor for you with detailed steps need to perform to get back it from our group member.

5. If any idea or trick will work, Every member should appreciate it by follow the same steps as it required by the author for their favor.

6. Every active member should comment once he give the favor by commenting it as "Done".

7. In this group no personal information or personal relation need to build.

8. Each member only invite members to this group. Approval is only done by admin only.

9. Inactive member from the group will be removed every month.

10. Inactive member is identified if a member will do no favor for others consecutively for 3 week.