Happy People!!!

The purpose of this group is to share everything weight-loss. Po...st about your current program (if you are on one), your
successes, your challenges, anything having to do with getting and staying healthy! If you or a friend aren't on a program and are looking for the one that is right for you, feel free to join (or refer them to join). This is a closed group and only members will be able to see the posts.

I am also a distributor of Skinny Fiber. I do make the information available to the members and answer questions about it. You will see a lot of testimonials from others of what this product has done for them - that is because we are excited!!!! NO OTHER ADVERTISING BE DONE IN MY GROUP WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

There is no requirement to be on Skinny Fiber to be in this group. It is open to everyone for support and you will never be required to purchase. I want to provide inspiration and motivation to anyone and everyone who needs it. If you do want to buy Skinny Fiber, please visit http://www.happypeoplefriends.com/

That being said, there have been a rash of people joining weight loss support groups for the sole purpose of advertising their product and they have been joining then banning the group administrators in order to do this. I will not allow this group to be an advertisement for every product out there, or allow people to use our membership as a target audience. So if you see something like this send me a PM so I can take care of it.

This IS a support group and it is open to all, you do not have to be on Skinny Fiber to be in the group. I do, however, believe very strongly that this is the only weight loss supplement you need, no overpriced shakes, no crazy drops. That being said, I will not allow anyone to join this group with the sole purpose of pushing other weight loss products. It is OK to mention what works for you but anyone who messages members or asks people to contact them to sell to them will be deleted from the group, no questions asked.

UPDATE: 9/19/12

I hate to have to add this, but in light of recent events:
The images and/or content posted on this site are not always owned by this site, unless otherwise stated. Happy People is not, and does not claim to be, the original host of all of the posted content, and some content is found via popular image/info sharing sites and forums. Please be aware that certain content such as recipes and/or preparation procedures are not subject to copyright law.

As the owner and creator of Happy People, I do not willingly or knowingly intend to hurt anyone or violate anyone's rights when it comes to posting photos. I try my best to carefully research each photo and obtain permission to use it before I post. However I am human and not infallible and errors are sometimes made. If you see something on here and believe it to be your property, please contact me immediately to make me aware of it and to discuss the proper way you would like me to share it.