Gibraltar's Cooking Page

Gibraltar's Cooking Page is for everyone to
share their favourite recipes for charity and to enjoy cooking and having fun along the way.
We will then print a recipe book with all proceeds to Leukaemia Gibraltar Branch and The Lady Williams Centre.

Leukaemia Research is the only charity in the UK dedicated to researching in to blood cancers.
They are committed to give
everyone the best chance of survival.

Facts about Leukaemia:
Anyone can be diagnosed with Leukaemia
It kills more children and young adults between ages 0 and 20 than any other cancer.
Did you know someone with acute leukaemia typically needs blood from 18 donors to sustain them through one month of treatment? Blood products are critical in the treatment of blood cancers and related disorders. Can you help by becoming a blood donor?

The Lady Williams Cancer Support Centre has been providing support to people living with cancer in the community for 25 years. It provides a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment where people can meet for support and information. It is staffed by a registered nurse and a team of volunteers and is visited frequently by other health professionals such as district nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists. Patients and their families and carers can find here information and resources to answer the questions the diagnosis of cancer inevitably poses.