The Girls Of GB.

Welcome to ‘The Girls of GB’! This is a customer created place for members of Gwynnie Bee to connect with each other. Share your rants & raves! Show us photos of you in the clothes you loved...& the failures too (we have a fun fail album so we can laugh at the terrible garments. Don’t worry, it’s the clothing, not you!).
We are a diverse community that is supportive & encouraging of one another. Please feel free to express yourself, but be respectful of each other. We like this to be a positive place, so each morning Meshel will post a daily rant thread for you to vent any GB frustrations you might be experiencing. Please keep your rants in that post. We also have a daily OOTD post & other fun posts you can participate in. There is a full list of activities in the file section. Share a little or share a lot, we’d love to get to know you!