Gising Na Pilipinas!

Gising Na Pilipinas. We don't care if you are rich or poor,super... smart or ordinary,good looking or plain ,pro, anti or neutral.

Group goal : We want to awaken civic mindedness, so people will become productive citizens. who can make their community better without waiting for government to do it for them . We want to wake up in people the capability to reason out look at data and use critical thinking skills to make an informed decision . We are not saying we know everything or we think better than you. We want to learn together from each other so we can evolve as a people and not get stuck in the old bickering status quo where nothing ever gets done.


Mario Guillen
Jose grecia
Jake Rien Phillip Robles
Josh Tatel
Lorena Diola
Matthew Alfonso
Francis Bonnevie
Marlon Ludy
Carlos Santiago
Doris Buyawe
Nancy Drew
Jaysean Oragon
Arlene Recto