Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue

Based near Neath, South Wales, UK. Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue is a haven for all guinea pigs that need a new home, or for anyone who wants to give a guinea pig a new home.

If you have a query please telephone or email Suzy on:

01639 721127

Please note that I run the rescue from my home, rescue times are 10am-4pm for phone calls and 11am-4pm for arranged visits. Please only telephone outside rescue hours if it is urgent, I will not answer the phone to an unknown number after 8pm - if it's an emergency please telephone your vet.

To see all of the latest additions to the rescue and to see who needs a new home, please visit the blog:

For pictures of the past residents:

If you have adopted from Glynneath GPR please feel free to post pics or videos of your piggies.

About the Rescue

Set up in '03. Started because I felt guilty sitting on my backside watching animal rescue programmes feeling sorry for the animals and had the knowledge and experience to do something about it! So I got off the sofa and started organising. Had a shed built, constructed cages and runs, read and learnt as much as possible and let local rescues and vets know about me. The first guinea pigs arrived very soon and since then the rescue has grown every year.

The Basics

The life span is usually 5-7 years, but 8-9 years is not uncommon if given the right care and conditions.

Summer housing - hutch and run, minimum 4 ft hutch and a run at least 4 ft long.

Winter housing - indoors if possible otherwise in a well insulated heated shed. A garage is not suitable unless it has natural light, heat and is not used for a car!

Special indoor cages are ideal, minimum of 1.2 metre/48 inches, e.g. Nero 4 and Rabbit 120. Currently have good value indoor cages (Ferplast 120).

Temperature range - easy, if it's too hot/cold for you, it is for them.

Food - Guinea pigs MUST be fed guinea pig food, not rabbit food with vit C added. The vitamin, mineral and nutrition levels are very different and lifespan will be shortened. Please do not feed lettuce - it has very little nutritional value, can cause the runs and in large amounts it causes liver damage. Favourite veg are carrots, broccoli and cauliflower leaves.

All guinea pigs are rehomed as a non-breeding pair or trio, or as a companion to your lone guinea pig. I never rehome guinea pigs as companions to rabbits. No guinea pigs from this centre are to be used for breeding. If, for any reason, you cannot keep your guinea pigs I will welcome them back to the rescue.