GoFundMe Campaigns

New Rules
Bumping is Allowed 3x a day but please only post your ...campaign once a day!

We are focusing on GoFundMe here so if you post any other links or ask for money without providing a link I reserve the right to remove anything unrelated.

This group is for professionals so if you can't act professional I reserve the right to remove any and all parties not acting professionally. Do Not engage in arguments or bullying Do immediately report them to me or facebook.

Posts are now Admin Approved

We do not work for GoFundMe if you think a campaign is in violation of their rules please report them to https://www.gofundme.com/safety

Finally there are no guarantees people will donate to you on this group or anywhere else please don't use this as your only outlet to promote your cause, think of other places you can post like twitter, tsu, google +, pinterest and more.

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