Grahamstown Freecycle

Welcome to Grahamstown Freecycle - this is a community initiativ...e where members have the opportunity to find a new home for unused and unwanted items, and so help a member in need.

Keep it free and respectful - allow the giver to make the final decision, no arguments please. Requests are welcome but keep these in moderation. If you have received from this group please consider offering something in return and allow all members a fair chance.

A public drop off spot can be found at Under the Arch at the entrance to Rhodes University - Nadine, the owner, will be happy to assist. Please label items clearly with the receiver's name to avoid confusion and be safe when arranging home collections or other meeting places. Items uncollected for more than a week will be donated to the SPCA charity shop.

Any queries can be directed to admin, suggestions are welcome too. Have fun sharing!