With open heart and mind GrammarBank welcomes every member all o...ver the world.
This distinguished group aims at reaching the ultimate benefit of mastering the English language reading, writing, speaking, and listening Therefore, all your ideas, suggestions, participations are most welcomed dear members .However, you are kindly requested to stick to the rules of the group .
As this group is meant to deal with the English language as professionals so ;
- Using of Arabic language or any other language is forbidden
- Greeting posts should be minimized as much as possible.
- Religious posts also are to be avoided .
- Political criticism of different regimes is not recommended at all
- Don't publish Quotes posts here, please. This is an English Learning group not a daily quotes page. You can find a lot of such posts there but you can't find any related to English Grammar, vocabulary, idiom, etc... there. So please follow this rule because it is important not only for me but for everyone else here as well.
- Please treat everyone here with deep respect as if he is a family.
- If anyone caused you pain or trouble or annoyed you in any possible way, please feel free to message me any time and I will deal with the situation ASAP.
- Don't ever try to publish abusive posts. These include pornography, politics , racism, dating websites, or any other posts that can make members annoyed or uncomfortable because I won't allow it and you will be blocked immediately.
- Your country, religion and colour is your Identity and I respect mine and yours too, so I won't allow anyone to treat you or even talk to you in any inappropriate way because of them. I promise you that.
- Every lady here has her own pride and dignity and every male member will have to treat a lady like one and be so sure not to upset her or treat her in a bad way. So please watch your language and manner because after all we are men and we must be decent.
- Don't post your homework here without doing some thinking yourself at first. After thinking a lot about it and answering the questions yourself, then we can check them together and see if they are right or need some correction ;)
- Speak English as much as possible. That's the unique way to be fluent.
- Do not say " My English is bad." Say "I'm not native."
- Accept your mistakes. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
- Do not give excuses. Just say "I don't know."
- Lose the habit of translating.
- Avoid translation into your native language.
- Learn English idioms and use them in real life situations.
- Learn expressions and sentences not separate words.
- Listen to English videos every day.
- The most important rule here is that " We LOVE YOU ALL UNCONDITIONALLY". So be active and stay safe ;)

Mahmoud Abdalla
Sami Ibrahim Al-Najar
Aziza Abd El Wanis