Great Plains Bicycling Club

We don't just ride for our bodies, we ride for our souls. We rid...e to be grounded, we ride to soar. Our only requirement is to have fun and wear a helmet. This is a real bicycling club, not just on Facebook, open to the public for a small annual fee. Annual membership dues are only $15 for a Single membership and $20 for a Family membership. Membership renewals are due by March 1st each year. Go for our web site.Great Plains Bicycling Club is a social club that promotes safe recreational bicycling in and around Lincoln, Nebraska and does bicycle education. We organize free, informal club rides on weekends and weekday evenings on the roads and bike trails in and around the city from March to October each year. Early records of the club are somewhat sketchy, but Great Plains Bicycling Club has been in existence at least since 1980, and was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1990. The club has always organized rides for club members and had some role in advocating for bicycling and bicycle safety. The balance between riding and advocacy has shifted over the years according to the makeup of the Board of Directors. The current Board of Directors intends to support members with a range of interests in recreational cycling.

President Jane Goertzen
Vice President Bob Boyce
Treasurer Steve Clements
Secretary Randy Smith
Ride Director Pat Bracken
Newsletter Editors Ron & Mary Poe
Webmaster Randy Smith

Board Members Jason Berlowitz, Dale Arp, and Rick Dockhorn

Board Member Mary Poe