Greyhound Puppies

There is growing interest in Greyhound puppies in the Greyhound community at large, but no central clearinghouse of information about Greyhound puppies in social media.
The mission of the Greyhound Puppies forum is (1) to provide accurate, candid and transparent information to those people interested in acquiring and rearing a Greyhound puppy and (2) to provide a forum in which breeders and adoption groups with available puppies or planned litters can make accurate and complete information available to prospective Greyhound puppy owners. Postings by Greyhound breeders or adoption groups about available puppies must include the price or adoption fee for their puppies. Such posts without the price or adoption fee stated will be removed.
Racing and coursing breeders with available puppies are also welcome to use and contribute to the forum.
Those who have reared Greyhound puppies are encouraged to join the group, share their experiences and answer questions from prospective puppy owners.
Our vision for the forum is that it be moderated much like our affiliated forum, The Greyhound ( an open, non-"nanny state" forum that is free of censorship, with no post/comment deletion and no removing of members simply for espousing minority or even unpopular views on the topic of Greyhound puppies. To that end, our one and only rule here is against the making of personal, ad hominem remarks in the course of discussion or debate. Such remarks cheapen the intellectual level of the conversation and focus it on the people rather than on the Greyhound puppies and topics related to breeding, acquiring and rearing them. We will moderate with a very light hand, and will simply ask those making ad hominem remarks to refrain from doing so futher. The only members who will be removed will be those who can't seem to heed this one rule, and spammers who join to post ads about non-Greyhound related products.
For those who want to post comments or photos about adult Greyhounds (other than parents of Greyhound puppies being posted about), we invite you to join our companion forum, The Greyhound. For purposes of the Greyhound Puppies forum, only Greyhounds 15 months and younger are considered to be puppies. Thanks for your cooperation !
Please note that the Greyhound Puppies forum is not the place for the posting of advertisements of products or services of general dog interest. Advertisements not directly related to Greyhound puppies will be removed without notice or comment. Advertisements directly related to Greyhound puppies may be posted only once as to any given product, service, or seller. Members who violate this protocol will be removed from the forum without notice or comment.