April's Guinea Pigs For Sale In Central Pennsylvania

love my guinea pigs! I have (2) 7.5 Cages that they are in. I can have up to 5 guinea pigs in these cages. I have a couple other smaller cages & some can have up to 2 & up to 4 guinea pigs in a cage. with all cages they all have plenty of room to run. I now have 19 guinea pigs & love them all! They are Handled daily although most of them don't act like they are lol

I don't really like to be called a breeder because I am not like your regular breeder.I much rather say I raise guinea pigs instead of saying I breed them.

1. I don't keep them in cramped up small cages, nor do I use wire flooring like Breeder do. Using wire flooring could mess up their feet and be painful

2. When you use Bedding don't use cedar cause it can be toxic to them. For me I use fleece for my cages cause it is softer on their feet. It's also easier to clean and Saves you money on buying bedding cause you can just wash the fleece over and over again

3. If you get a baby guinea pig from me. I can promise you they would be coming from a very loving home! When they are born I give them about a day until they are use to moving around. Then I start picking them up daily as much as possible to try to get them use to being picked up

How I first started: I started picking up guinea pigs from people who no longer wanted to care for them. Either giving them to people I knew or charging a fee to people to make sure they didn't become snake food.Cause People with snakes will roam for free ones on different sites. I then went on a Guinea pig Rampage! And Started thinking about Raising them!
So This is where we are today!