Haitian & American Professionals Alliances (HAPA)



In a short period of time, Haitian and American Professionals Alliances (HAPA) have grown immensely! We are now beginning THEMED daily postings where posts MUST ONLY fit the scope of that day’s theme (with the exception of new member introductions)! This is going to add clarity, direction, structure and flow to our group.

The themed days are as follows:

SIGHTSEEING SUNDAY - TRAVEL & LEISURE. Share the best travel destinations in the world, the best deals for hotels, shopping, and restaurants. Feel free to post pictures! We would also love to hear from travel agents! Post your deals here!

MESSAGE MONDAY - WORLD NEWS, VIEWS AND POLITICS. This is your day to address/share economic, social and educational issues here. Post photos, live updates, videos, analysis and coverage of conflicts, scandals, uprisings and everyday life. Running for office? Please post here.

TECH TUESDAY– TECHNOLOGY . We would love to hear about the latest technology or inventions happening around the world! Share your best productivity tools, what resources do you use for your business, and softwares/tools you have found to increase productivity.

WORK IT WEDNESDAY - PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS AND FAN PAGES. Share your BUSINESS’ page, website, launch parties, grand openings, investment opportunities, ideas, loans, grants, and contests. We would love to hear from professionals by highlighting your area of expertise! Build your business network and gain potential clients/customers. Share your products and services in a way YOU would like someone else to post them. Engage your audience and share WHY!

TIME OUT THURSDAY - SPORTS, CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT. The weekend is coming and it's time to find out the latest events. Highlight your favorite sports team, cultural events, the arts, the latest music videos, the hottest bands that are in town on this day! After all, it’s Friday eve!

FASHION FRIDAY. HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST FASHIONS. Share and expose emerging fashion talent all over the world. Share the latest sales and online deals for clothes, accessories and shoes. We would love to see what you like to wear in the workplace, on vacation or out in the town.

SHOUT OUT SATURDAY – Invite your friends if you think they will benefit in our group and give them a shout out! This is your opportunity to POSITIVELY express yourself, empower and inspire your friends and colleagues. Positive and inspiring quotes are welcome! Open forum.

We are looking for professionals who can monitor one of the theme days and assist in contributing their knowledge and expertise. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send a message in our inbox. If you are interested in this vision, please join us and let’s start a real meaningful group with meaningful conversations.

"L'Union Fait La Force" or "Unity Creates Strength"

Thank you!