Helping Hands Blood Heroes

Please share your Blood Group, Contact number and Current City t...o build a network of real life heroes by donating blood to the needful at the time of need.
Your precious 1 unit blood can help to save 3 lives.
You can share your details at +91-9479531123, +91-8827544765 or on
or you can mail us at

Your 300ml blood will give you following things in return:
-Free Blood test
-feeling of Hero
-Blood friends (who will help you when you need blood)
- fresh blood which will have more resistance power against diseases
-free regular checkup against 15 major diseases

every person has more than 1.5 units of extra blood. you only have to be 17+ and 45 kgs of weight and 12.1 hemoglobin
those who are not fulfilling these conditions they are putting their life on risks.
thank you for being part of real heroes club