Hong Kong Buy , Sell and Swap

歡迎各位在此發放有關全新/ 2 手轉手 或 團購 。 每個POST只可有3張或以下的相片。 POST內請必...須列明有以下項
1) 全新 / 二手
2) 價格
3) 註明 現貨 / 團購 (如團購請註截單日期及預計交貨天數)
4) 交易地點
5) 相片 (每POST三張以下,否則請用相簿)
6) 文章轉至其他專頁或群組將不會獲刊登

相同物品 三天內不能重新發帖


Welcome to post any new / 2nd handed items
Please post your items with following information:
1) Brand New or 2nd hand
2) selling price
3) instock or group buy, target delivery date
4) trade location
5) Photo of the item (3 posts or below, otherwise please post by photo album
6) Post by share from Fan Pages / other group will not be approved

Please pay attention
same items cannot be reposted with 3days
post cannot be push within 3 days
Don’t share any post from personal past, other group or fans page as listing into this group.

Happy BUY & SELL!