HigherStudyAbroad™ South Korea Chapter

We are Bangladeshi students staying in South Korea, all working together to help aspirants from Bangladesh to answer their queries about higher studies and to connect academician and corporate Bangladeshis living in South Korea via social networking.

Current students and alumni in different Korean Universities please join this group and add your friends. This group can work as a networking platform to connect with your fellow Bangladeshis staying in Bangladesh, which can later be translated into cultural gatherings, couchsurfing, and a getaway to career advancement.

As our duty to our motherland, we who stay abroad, lets dedicated a little of our time to prospective students from Bangladesh who want to study in different Korean Universities. A little inspiration might light up a hope in them which will eventually turn the course of their life.

This is the South Korea branchout of the nonpofit group HigherStudyAbroad™(https://www.facebook.com/groups/HigherStudyAbroad), the largest Nonprofit Academic Advising Organization in Bangladesh.