Hindu Students' Council of Trinidad and Tobago (HSCTT)

The Hindu Students’ Council is an organization of secondary and post-secondary students, both full-time and part-time, dedicated to the task of building a strong organizational network amongst Hindu students in Trinidad and Tobago. We aim to achieve our objectives with the belief that the principles of Sanatan Dharma are universal and eternal. The worldview based on Dharma can provide a holistic and balanced world order that benefits mankind in all spheres.

HSC VISION : Our vision is to have an active and united Hindu students body in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to the practice and promotion of Sanaatan Dharma for the upliftment of humanity.

HSC MISSION : Our Mission is to develop an active Hindu student body in Trinidad and Tobago through activities that inspire, empower and foster brotherhood among Hindu students to enable them to face challenges in the education system and wider society.