Hot Toys Singapore Community

This group was created 14 June 2013 @ 8pm because back then, there wasn't a facebook group for HOT TOYS collectors in Singapore and we wanted one where all the collectors in Singapore can come together in this awesome hobby and just share the love we have for the brand :)

So feel free to post pictures of your collection, any upcoming/related news or just tell us how you started this hobby! :) We're hoping this group will continue to grow bigger!! :D

Since this community was created purely out of passion by collectors and FOR collectors, the admin team in turn tries to let the group run itself, and only steps in when things get a little ugly. Afterall, this is a community fueled by passion, and we know how passion and emotion go hand-in-hand :)

Take note that we do however, frown upon people trying funny things within this community, and we are quite protective of our fellow collectors :) (This is why we chose a shield as our facebook group icon!)

In a nutshell:
If you've seen the toys from HOT TOYS and you love it, join us!
If you've walked by an exhibit of HOT TOYS and you go "WOW!", join us!
If a friend introduced these amazing figures to you and you got hooked and poisoned, join us!

BEWARE: this is a highly poisonous group. But if you feel up to it and when you're ready, take a deep breath, keep a tight grip on your wallet, and click the "Join Group" button ;)

We welcome all Singaporeans & Asians members who are residing in Singapore to join us. We wish to keep this more towards a Singaporean community(or at least regional since we recognise the fact that our fellow collectors from neighbouring countries will join us for toy fairs too!)
Drop the admins a PM you're not approved within a week.

Kelvin Loke, Augustus Wee

Appointed Admins:
Aaron Lin

HTSGC Logo Designer - Drayson Phua
Retired Admins - Alex Leong
Retired Admins - Remelyn
Retired Admins - John Leow

BST page:
*Any other facebook group with some sort of resemblance to Hot Toys Singapore Community or its BST page is purely coincidental(or perhaps intended) and does not reflect the values we want to uphold within our community.