Hafu Japanese


Hafu Japanese is a community where hafus can meet, discuss, and share experiences regarding their hafuness. (Food is also ALWAYS a welcome topic.)

This group is a discussion forum for hafus and parents/children/spouses of a hafu. To clarify, hafu is the Japanese term for people who are half Japanese. We also request that minors wait until they are of age before asking to join.

**Please do not request to join if you are not half Japanese or a family member of a half Japanese person.**

This group is not intended for those who do not meet the above description or are merely interested in cultural exchange, Japanophiles, anime otakus, date seekers etc. There are lots of groups on Facebook for other hapas and those who just live in Japan or are interested in Japan.

Community guidelines:
- Be respectful. If you have negative comments about someone, keep them to yourself. Please remember that we have a number of cultural and linguistic backgrounds here and many of us write in a second or third language.
- Be careful with anything regarding religion, politics or historical events.
- Personal attacks, harassment and threats are not allowed.
- Respect privacy. Do not post personal disputes or private messages for the whole group to read.
- Hate speech and racism will not be tolerated in any form. Do not use racial slurs such as the n-word or the j-word.
- Refrain from advertising your business or fan/community page or posting spam. If what you do is hafu- or Japan-related, it is probably of interest to the group and sharing is welcome, but please refrain from soliciting. When in doubt, you can always contact the admins and ask.

The Hafu Project and Film

Natalie Maya Willer’s photographs of the half Japanese, accompanied by in-depth interviews conducted by Marcia Yumi Lise not only looks at the visual appearance of half Japanese people but also speaks about their experiences of being half Japanese and how they view themselves and others view them in respect to their cultural heritage and identity.

This is an ongoing project that creates a dialogue about being part of various worlds, cultures, "races", ethnicities. By offering opportunities to discuss culture, 'race' and ethnicity we hope to achieve a deeper understanding of these issues.

The film, Hafu, premiered in April 2013 at the Hapa Japan Festival in Los Angeles, CA. It is currently being screened at various venues worldwide.

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Hafu documentary project by Megumi Nishikura and Lara Perez Takagi:

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